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Posted Wednesday, Oct 10, 2018 2:13:00 PM
Rowland Hall senior Aislinn Mitcham spent four weeks this summer at Oxford University, taking engineering and medical science classes taught by university professors, living in the undergraduate dorms, and making new friends from around the world. "Getting to meet people who have completely different world views and world experiences was really important to me," she said.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 3:15:00 PM
The 2018-2019 crop of Home and School leaders will hit the ground running: they plan to add a new position to the McCarthey Campus room representative model, and continue school efforts to educate parents on popular topics such as digital safety and healthy relationships. They also enjoy family trips to California, "felt the magic" of our Beginning School, and want to have brunch with you.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 3:00:00 PM
Jeremy Innis, Alisa Poppen, and Rob Wilson will be engaged in professional-development opportunities sure to enhance curriculum and student learning for years to come.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 3:00:00 PM
Troy Price, Rowmark Ski Academy's beloved junior program director since 2010, in May added national accolades to his already long list of accomplishments. U.S. Ski and Snowboard named him the 2018 Development Coach of the Year, one of only two top coaching awards they bestow annually.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 2:56:29 PM
Congratulations to the following teachers who received awards this June for outstanding service to their profession and to the school.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 2:46:00 PM
We bid farewell to some dear colleagues, including four who are retiring after a collective 80 years of service to Rowland Hall.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 2:28:00 PM
In February, the American Association for the Advancement of Science honored alumna Johanna Varner with the 2018 Early Career Award for Public Engagement with Science. The esteemed nonprofit lauded her for "infusing her public engagement with multi-directional dialogue, reaching diverse audiences and empowering participants to join in the entire process of science."
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 2:13:00 PM
At Rowland Hall's fifth-, eighth-, and twelfth-grade graduation ceremonies this June, student speakers shared funny, reflective, and inspiring stories with those in attendance.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 1:02:00 PM
For the sesquicentennial, we asked Rowland Hall's teachers to find ways to incorporate our 150th anniversary into their curriculum. They rose to the challenge, creating fun and instructional opportunities for students, including art installations, math activities, spelling lessons, and service projects related to our school's history and/or the number 150.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 12:42:00 PM
Susan Swidnicki has a hectic schedule, and she loves it. There's nothing she finds more rewarding than teaching young children to find their singing voice and instilling in them a lifelong love of music. A professional oboist with the Ballet West Orchestra, Susan advocates for high-quality music education in all schools. Lucky for Rowland Hall, we have her starting our Beginning School students on their musical journeys.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 12:30:00 PM
"Eat It!"—Eric "Ed" Heath's cheeky senior yearbook quote was a career harbinger. The 2000 Rowland Hall alumnus is a two-time semifinalist in the James Beard Foundation (JBF) Restaurant and Chef Awards—the Oscars of the culinary world.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 12:22:00 PM
When Carol Blackwell took the helm of the Beginning School in 1996, the division did not have a cohesive identity. Never one to shy away from a challenge, Carol spent the past 22 years building a model for early childhood education, one that parents, faculty, and students often describe as magical.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 11:40:00 AM
Oliver Jin '18 believes sharing and cherishing personal narratives is key to creating the human connections needed to spark meaningful change. For the past three years, he's built relationships with members of the Navajo Nation, using two documentary films and a portraiture project to help share the stories of those who live on the reservation. His work on the Navajo project-which he says is far from being complete—and his leadership on the Lincoln Street Campus earned him recognition this spring from Utah's Office of Multicultural Affairs.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 11:02:00 AM
The 71 seniors in the Class of 2018 have left their mark in Rowland Hall's classrooms, on the playing fields, on stage, and in the community. We celebrate what they achieved thus far in their young lives, and we cannot wait to see what they do next.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 10:50:00 AM
The annual spring project, which has been part of the Lower School curriculum for over 20 years, requires students to develop a research question and then execute the scientific method, culminating in a public presentation of their findings. Though some students find the science share daunting, fifth-grade teacher Ms. Button emphasized that the process of engaging with a meaningful question is what creates a positive learning outcome.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 10:25:00 AM
As we wrap up Rowland Hall's 150th anniversary, I look back on the year's celebrations with joy and satisfaction. The kickoff party last September gathered more alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, and community members—in total, over 1,400 people—than any event in our school's history. Just a few weeks ago, we had our culminating event on the Steiner Campus, the Jubilee, which was a fantastic party full of dancing, great food, and friends.
Posted Thursday, Jun 7, 2018 10:18:00 AM
In a drama-filled weekend that included Rowland Hall sophomore Peter Chase rallying from down 1-5 in the third set to win at #3 singles, the Winged Lions overcame a one-point deficit in the standings—to Waterford, nonetheless—by winning the final doubles match of the day.
Posted Friday, Jun 1, 2018 3:49:00 PM
Within two decades of graduating from Rowland Hall, alumna Meghan Tuohig '98 has climbed the ranks to become a vice president, designed the publicly traded company's headquarters in Midvale, and landed in the Utah Business Forty Under 40. She's excelled in a high-profile career and is elevating others along the way: in December, she made the front page of The Salt Lake Tribune for championing gender parity in her workplace. During our annual Alumni Senior Breakfast, Meghan distilled her life experience into timeless advice for our latest batch of graduates.
Posted Thursday, May 24, 2018 3:50:00 PM
In March 2018, to celebrate Women's History Month, we shared the stories of some of our school's most influential female leaders.
Posted Thursday, Apr 19, 2018 2:10:00 PM
Freshmen and sophomores contributed to the story of Rowland Hall's 150th anniversary in an especially personal way—by sharing their own 150-word origin stories, ranging from the literal to the metaphorical, the stirring to the stoic, and the lighthearted to the solemn.
Posted Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018 2:33:00 PM
Our young writers who staffed the 2014-2015 edition of "Tesserae" literary magazine can say they've interviewed a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet. On Monday, April 16, the Pulitzer board awarded Frank Bidart their poetry prize for "Half-light: Collected Poems 1965-2016." Mr. Bidart visited Rowland Hall in fall 2014, and students published their interview with the celebrated writer in "Tesserae" Volume 10.
Posted Friday, Mar 2, 2018 11:20:36 AM
Over the past four years, Rowland Hall has been examining and refining the ways we teach science, largely in service of the Strategic Plan's second goal: provide the Intermountain West's most outstanding math and science program. While division-specific and developmentally appropriate, these curricular changes all have one thing in common: students are spending more time in class—and hopefully outside class too—engaging in the behaviors of science.
Posted Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 1:39:00 PM
The senior has been skiing and succeeding in increasingly competitive races, including the World Junior Championships in Switzerland, and she's taking it all in stride.
Posted Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 1:25:00 PM
Educational leaders have long been aware of the pressure students feel to achieve in high school, and in 2007, Stanford University held a gathering of experts to brainstorm ways to improve child and adolescent well-being. The result was Challenge Success, a program that partners with schools to encourage healthier behaviors and learning environments for students.
Posted Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 1:22:00 PM
After switching majors from neuroscience to computer science, Jason turned a longtime hobby into a job and now works on the popular mobile game "Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes."
Posted Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 1:08:00 PM
Twenty-one Colombian students visited the Middle School for a cultural exchange in January. Globally minded French and Spanish teacher Campbell Ainsworth—who's previously taught in Guatemala, Sri Lanka, South Korea, and Zambia—organized the program, the first of its kind in recent Middle School history.
Posted Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 12:00:00 PM
College Counseling Director Michelle Rasich has helped to fine-tune a new, effective format for recommendation letters. Now she's leading the charge to teach her peers about it, and it's gaining traction across the globe.
Posted Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 11:56:00 AM
"It's a beautiful pie party today!" a bundled-up three-year-old declared one sunny January morning on the Beginning School playground. Beginning schoolers have been throwing plenty of beautiful pie parties lately thanks to their playground's latest addition: a mud kitchen. They may fill their "pies" with pine cones and sand instead of pecans and sugar, but it is indeed beautiful to see how the kitchen stirs the students to use their imaginations, collaborate, and dig into nature.
Posted Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 11:44:00 AM
Q&A with eighth-grade English teacher Mike Roberts on his fun, practical, and film-inspired new book, "Hacking Classroom Management: 10 Ideas to Help You Become the Type of Teacher They Make Movies About."
Posted Thursday, Mar 1, 2018 11:14:00 AM
The Rowmarker and two-time Olympian on how Rowland Hall shaped her, and how she's turned a traumatizing and widely covered incident into a rallying cry for her community.
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