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Introducing Interfaith Chaplain Jeremy Innis
Posted 02/28/2017 12:11AM

Rowland Hall is pleased to announce that Jeremy Innis has accepted the position of interfaith chaplain. Mr. Innis has served as interim chaplain for the past two years and will continue as a spiritual leader in our community of many faiths while honoring the school's Episcopal heritage. In addition to his role as chaplain, Mr. Innis will continue to teach world religion and ethics. Mr. Innis holds a Bachelor of Arts in music from Lewis and Clark College and a Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School in religion, literature, and culture.

“I never dreamed I would hold a position where my passion for teaching and religious diversity would intersect with such intention,” Mr. Innis said. “I am honored to be a part of this community.”

Mr. Innis will continue to run the Lincoln Street Campus chapel program while Director of Ethical Education Ryan Hoglund oversees the chapel program at the McCarthey Campus. Mr. Innis will serve as a multi-faith chaplain for the Rowland Hall community and his chaplain services will be available for weddings, funerals, and other community requests.

Our school-wide chapel program encourages students to reflect on the values of honesty, compassion, altruism, and community engagement, and offers insights into the traditions of varied cultures and beliefs. Whether focusing on a Virtue of the Month in St. Margaret’s Chapel on the McCarthey Campus or hearing from a guest speaker on the Lincoln Street Campus, our students are immersed in concepts that lead to a life of honor and engagement with others to improve the community.

The ethical development of students is at the heart of Rowland Hall’s mission and central to its whole-person approach to education. We believe that honoring and understanding various faith traditions and experiences is essential in our increasingly interconnected world. Gathering to celebrate and reflect on personal, social, and ethical issues allows for moments of community and develops an awareness of being part of a larger whole. Mr. Innis espouses these tenets, and we look forward to his continued leadership.

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