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We inspire students to lead ethical and productive lives through a college preparatory program that promotes the pursuit of academic and personal excellence.

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Rowland Hall’s teachers are united in their efforts to teach the content, culture, and character that today’s students will need to succeed in college and the workplace. Additionally, three quarters of our teachers have earned or are pursuing graduate degrees and are highly qualified with an average of 17 years teaching experience in the classroom.

Rowland Hall’s financial commitment to professional development is unparalleled among its peer Utah schools. In addition to their commitments as teachers, advisors, mentors, and coaches, our faculty members take time to keep current on the latest learning research, teaching techniques, curriculum development, and technological trends.

Our teachers’ backgrounds and interests vary widely. In fact, many are transplants to Utah who were educated in colleges and universities nationally, and even internationally. Our students’ horizons are broadened when these multifaceted role models share lessons learned from their personal pursuits, whether in the arts, literature, recreation, or travel.

Above all, Rowland Hall students perceive teachers as creating a caring, well-structured learning environment in which academic risk is encouraged and expectations are high, clear, and challenging.

Donna Booher

Faculty Information
Department(s) Administration, Middle School, Upper School
Title(s) Academic Support Counselor
Contact Information
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Degree(s) Bachelor of Science in Education from Central Michigan University, Master of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina Greensboro
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Donna joined the Rowland Hall community in August 2008 as the upper and middle school academic support counselor. In 2013, she moved to working full time in the Upper School in academic support.

Donna holds a BS in education from Central Michigan University and an MA from the University of North Carolina Greensboro. She has the distinction of earning her “Ductorate” degree from Disney University in Orlando, Florida. She is a certified stress-management instructor through the National Wellness Institute, and a level 1 instructional coach through the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning. She is interested in the application of mindfulness in education and has completed coursework through UCLA, UC San Diego, Stanford School of Medicine, and Mindful Schools.

During her career, Donna has taught at St. Brigid’s School in West Australia, Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan, and at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. She was one of three people selected from North Carolina to be a Girl's Health Mentor for the US Department of Women’s Health in the Department of Health and Human Services. Before moving to Utah, Donna was the director of the Teaching and Learning Center at The Orme School.

Donna and husband Doug enjoy being together, laughing, mentoring kids, reading, learning, traveling, eating great food, baking, and being outdoors with their greyhound.

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