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Middle School Faculty

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Kathy Howa
Physical Education Teacher / US Head Softball / US
801-355-7494 x3365 (School)
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Mr. Jeremy Innis
Chaplain, Choir & Orchestra/Religion/Extended Day
801-355-7494 (School)
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Dr. Bret Jackson
Band Director/Music Teacher, Extended Day Trumpet
Mr. Bobby Kennedy
Physical Education Teacher/MS & US Head Girls' Soc
801-355-0272 x3325 (School)
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Ms. Krista Kern
Mixed Media Art Teacher
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Scott Langone
Physical Education Teacher/ MS & US Head Boys' Soc
801-355-7485 x3387 (School)
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Charlotte Larsen
5th Grade Teacher
801-355-0272 x3329 (School)
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Ms. Mary Lawlor
6th Grade English/MS Cross Country Coach
801-355-0272 x3443 (School)
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Molly Lewis
6th Grade Math/Science Teacher
801-355-0272 x3444 (School)
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Mrs. Mary Jo Marker
6th Grade Ancient Civilizations Teacher
801-355-0272 x5941 (School)
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Mr. Robert Mellor
AP Studio Art Teacher, Art Appreciation, MS Art Te
801-355-7494 x3371 (School)
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Ms. Margot Miller
7th Grade World Studies Teacher
801-355-0272 x3446 (School)
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Dan Mitchell
Ceramics Teacher
801-355-7494 x3330 (School)
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Jennifer Nelson
Beginning Band Teacher
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Mr. Chad Obermark
5th Grade Teacher/MS Volleyball Coach
801-355-7485 x4401 (School)
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Mrs. Beth Ott
Director of Auxiliary Programs
801-924-2971 (School)
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Nancy Petersen
7th Grade Science Teacher
801-355-0272 x3447 (School)
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Mr. Troy Price
Rowmark Jr. Program Director
801-355-7494 x3348 (School)
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Mr. Mike Roberts
8th Grade English Teacher/MS Volleyball, Boys' & G
801-355-0272 x3449 (School)
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Mrs. Kate Samson
Social-Emotional Support Counselor
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