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Beginning School Specialties

Students enjoy learning from talented specialists who teach in the Beginning School Specialty Program, a unique and active curricular feature tailored to blend and extend classroom learning for young Rowland Hall students.

Physical Education

In P.E. students are introduced to a variety of movement experiences that support overall motor skill development: walking, galloping, sliding, skipping, leaping, and running. Non-locomotor movements include bending, stretching, pushing, pulling, swinging, and swaying.

As children progress through kindergarten, their motor skills are refined through a variety of practice stations that focus on jumping, body and spatial awareness, stability/balance, throwing, kicking, catching, and striking.

Dancing and group activities are also introduced.


Our librarian introduces children to the magic of books and storytelling at school. Students gain, through their experiences in the library/media specialty, practical knowledge of library procedures and policies. They become familiar with terms such as title, author, illustrator, illustrations, spine, call number, content, index, and characters, and interact with literature through discussion.


Children experience the musical concepts that will be expanded upon in the Lower School music curriculum. They have opportunities to move creatively to music, explore the singing voice, develop melody, play simple musical instruments (both pitched and non-pitched), discover beat and pulse, learn patterns, appreciate music, and play their own musical creations.


Children are introduced to the basic art elements of color, line, shape, and texture, and engage in creative mediums while learning the joy of self-expression.

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