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Middle School Signature Programs

Class Trips

Each year Middle School students participate in class trips, which often extend the school curriculum outside the classroom, help students and their new teachers deepen their relationships, and allow students to connect with each other in different ways. Our current progression has our sixth grade exploring our wondrous natural backdrop in a weeklong “Wasatch Adventure.” The seventh graders adventure to the Teton Science School in Jackson, Wyoming, for a week of field science. The eighth graders culminate their middle school experience with six days in Washington, D.C.

Winter Sports

In the 1960s, the Winter Sports program began at Rowland Hall as a physical education program when we were housed on the Avenues Campus and had limited athletics facilities. The tradition continues today as our Winter Sports program allows our students to connect with seasonal physical and athletic pursuits, some of which take advantage of Salt Lake City’s geography, climate, and unique setting as a metropolitan area with immediate and extensive wilderness access and/or the resources available as a former Winter Olympics host city.

Today, the Middle School Winter Sports program is an extension of our Middle School physical education program. Our goal is to expose students to new sports and recreational activities that may become lifelong pursuits and in turn, improve physical and emotional well-being. All Winter Sports courses include guided instruction for skill development and enhancement and are designed to keep students physically active throughout the course. All Winter Sports options are selected to maximize student physical and emotional safety and have been determined by the school to be of educational value.

Middle School students participate in the Winter Sports program, which begins in mid-January and continues for five Friday afternoons. The academic schedule is shortened on these days so students can participate in activities such as downhill skiing and snowboarding, ice skating, cross-country skiing, backcountry skiing, curling, yoga, basketball, tennis, squash, SCUBA training, and rock climbing.

International Night

Seventh-grade International Night makes real the ideal of “breaking bread together,” uniting recently resettled refugees and Rowland Hall families in an evening of food and friendship. The giant potluck dinner, cooked and provided by seventh-grade families, reflects the diversity of our own families’ backgrounds and presents opportunities for students to share stories and cultures.

International Night celebrates the culmination of a yearlong world studies class, which highlights the cultures and challenges of the world’s refugee populations as well as those in our local community.

Arts and Ensembles

The Middle School Arts and Ensembles program is an immersive, in-depth study on an art form and/or collaborative experience and students participate in this class for the entire year. Arts and Ensemble courses offer students an opportunity to meaningfully collaborate with students from all three Middle School grades and represent themselves and their school through their chosen medium. Students may choose a new ensemble each year or commit to their passion over the course of two or three years in band, choir, orchestra, dance, studio art, theater, or publications.

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