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GALLERY - Interdisciplinary Dance Concert March 31 – April 2 at 7pm
Posted 03/10/2016 03:00PM

This year the Rowland Hall Dance Company’s spring concert features an interdisciplinary gallery experience and dance performance inspired by visual art. Featured in the transformed Larimer Center Art Gallery, the event will begin with an interactive stroll by patrons that will house student visual art works from the school’s art department, live performances by the orchestra and jazz band, poetry by the creative writing department, and improvisational solos by the Dance Ensemble.

Once you complete your stroll and find a seat in the theater, a more traditional dance concert will emerge. The dances this year explore individual communal themes around technology, mental illness, gender equality, consumerism, architecture, sacred space, cultures of violence, alien invasion, grieving, and pop culture! This year, teachers Sofia Gorder and Allison Spehar have asked dancers to use a more concrete medium to explore their internal motives. The dancers looked at the portfolios of famous and emerging artists to create 3D movement interpretations of 2D painted works. Learning about such seasoned visual artists informed and guided the student choreographers from the outside in. The result is a social and political commentary both visual and embodied; a visceral sensory experience that takes the audience on a seamless journey between the two dimensional and the three dimensional canvas.

Join Rowland Hall’s dancers, band members, visual artists, poets, and dancers in a gallery stroll of collaborative exploration, it is an all-sensory interactive art experiment.

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