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Middle School Winter Athletic Wrap-Up
Posted 03/29/2017 11:30AM

It was a fun basketball season for boys and girls in our Middle School Athletics program. Thank you to all of our players for their hard work and thank you to our families for your support throughout the season. Additionally, I’d like to thank our Middle School Boosters for providing every athlete with a sport specific t-shirt to show our school spirit.  We are fortunate to have such a dedicated group of coaches who put in countless hours to develop our student athletes.  Please read below for a recap of each team’s season.   

Shannon Casson

A Girls Basketball
Coach Zack Alvidrez

The girls put in a lot of hard work during each practice session with a focus on fundamentals, including offensive movements with and without the ball and basic man-to-man defensive principles.  The girls showed improvement in their skills and understanding of strategies and they began to execute them more consistently during gameplay.  The girls had a healthy mix of experienced players and a few newer to the game and they meshed well to come together as a team throughout the season.    

B Girls Basketball
Coach Shannon Casson

The girls worked hard to improve their skills in practice and demonstrated improvement in their shooting form and shot selections during games.  Their grasp of man-to-man defense improved tremendously throughout the season.  I am so proud of how they played towards the end of the season and came together as a team.  

C Girls Basketball
Coach Mike Roberts, Bill Tatomer, & Tyler Stack

The C basketball teams had a couple of great seasons! Divided into two equal squads, the girls practiced together multiple times per week. Each practice targeted a different skill (dribbling, passing, shooting, defense, etc), while the games provided an opportunity for the players to show off what they learned. As a result of two stellar regular seasons, both teams easily qualified for the WAC tournament. And by the time the tournament came to a close, the two teams had earned second and third place finishes. This was a great way to cap off an awesome season! We coaches are very proud of the effort and growth that all the girls demonstrated, and we are very excited to see the future of the middle school (and beyond) basketball program!

A Boys Basketball
Coach Zack Alvidrez

The A Boys Basketball Team entered the season with strong fundamentals overall yet were eager to learn more strategies about the game.  They were effective at grasping some concepts of the US offense and improved on their defensive fundamentals and tactics during gameplay.  This was a motivated group of players who worked well together, persevered, and encouraged each other, both on and off the court.  There was no doubt that every single player contributed positively to the success of this team.  

B1 Boys Basketball
Coach Zack Alvidrez

The B1 Boys Green team were hard workers during practice sessions.  The players pushed themselves during skill development and the improvements they made in their individual skills including shooting form and defensive positioning was evident both in practices and during gameplay.  These players also were hungry to get stronger and faster by being focused in the weight room conditioning sessions led by Coach John Bercaw.  I enjoyed helping them progress their court skills as basketball players and I was pleased to see them make the connection that the weight room conditioning sessions will, over time, payoff by improving their speed, quickness, and agility on the basketball court.  This team learned how to play together and rely on each other during the season and I look forward to having these players back on the court as eighth graders next year.

B2 Boys Basketball
Coach Christian Waters

This was a tremendous season of growth for the B2 Boys White Team. Many of our players were new to basketball and to team sports in general. I was proud of the way the boys were able to improve their individual basketball skills such as dribbling, shooting, and passing but also improve collectively as a team. They gained a better understanding of helping on team defense and working together offensively to move without the ball, set screens and work together.  I believe our play throughout the season and the tournament highlights our improvement both individually and collectively and I am excited to see what they can accomplish in the future. I encourage all of them to continue playing on their own outside of school to continue to build their basketball skills.

C Boys Basketball
Coach Mike Roberts & Campbell Ainsworth

The C team had an awesome season from start to finish. Divided up into two squads, both teams roared through the regular season, finishing first in the division. The boys improved their skills each week, and by the end of season, they had a firm grasp of what it means to play team basketball. This includes understanding court spacing, moving without the ball, and setting screens to free up a teammate. The season was capped off by winning the WAC tournament. We had a great time coaching the boys this season, and we look forward to seeing them improve as they move through the ranks of middle school basketball!

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