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Rowmark Roster for 2017-2018 and Recap of 2017 Awards
Posted 09/19/2017 09:02PM

Alpine ski racers come to Salt Lake City from across the country—and sometimes across the globe—to join Rowland Hall's Rowmark Ski Academy. We're proud of our team, which includes many of the best junior ski racers and student-athletes nationwide. Good luck to this exceptional group of young people as winter approaches.

2017-2018 Rowmark Ski Academy Athletes and Staff

Female Athletes
Name; YOB; Grade; Hometown
Mary Bocock; 03-U16; eighth grade; Salt Lake City, UT
Dagny Brickson; 03-U16; ninth grade; Park City, UT
Lindley Friedman; 03-U16; ninth grade; Fayston, VT / Park City, UT
Charlotte Altman; 02-U16; ninth grade; New York City, NY / Park City, UT
Mary Clancy; 02-U16 ninth grade; Jackson, WY
Danika Mannelin; 02-U16; tenth grade; Portland, OR / Park City, UT
Ellie Nichols; 02-U16; tenth grade; Park City, UT
Zoe Michael; 02-U16; tenth grade; Sydney, Australia / Park City, UT
Eliza Hodgkins; 01-U19; tenth grade; Boston, MA / Park City, UT
Anya Biskupiak; 01-U19; eleventh grade; Park City, UT
Anya Mulligan; 01-U19; eleventh grade; Jackson, WY / Salt Lake City, UT
Elena Zipp; 01-U19; eleventh grade; New York City, NY / Park City, UT
Madison Hoffman; 00-U19; twelfth grade; Sydney, Australia / Park City, UT
Camryn Glick; 00-U19; twelfth grade; Glen Wild, NY / Park City, UT
Lucy Neill; 00-U19; twelfth grade; Sydney, Australia / Park City, UT
Addison Beasley; 00-U19; twelfth grade; Bend, OR / Park City, UT
Katie Hensien; 99-U19; twelfth grade; Seattle, WA / Park City, UT
Katie Vesterstein; 99-U19; PG; Duluth, MN

Male Athletes
Name; YOB; Grade; Hometown
Alex Deubel; 03-U16; eighth grade; Hartland, Wisconsin
Gus Percy; 03-U16; eighth grade; Melbourne, Australia / Park City, UT
Nick Orfanakis; 03-U16; ninth grade; Salt Lake City, UT
Tommy Hoffman; 02-U16; ninth grade; Sydney, Australia / Park City, UT
Carter Louchheim; 02-U16; tenth grade; Park City, UT
Jimmy Bocock; 02-U16; tenth grade; Salt Lake City, UT
Andrei Dan; 01-U19; tenth grade; Salt Lake City, UT
Ned Friedman; 01-U19; eleventh grade; Fayston, VT / Park City, UT
Greg Olszankyj; 01-U19; eleventh grade; Salt Lake City, UT
Jake Bleil; 01-U19; eleventh grade; Los Angeles, CA / Park City, UT
Scottie Bocock; 00-U19; twelfth grade; Salt Lake City, UT
Liam Michael; 99-U19; twelfth grade; Sydney, Australia / Park City, UT
Daniel Mulligan; 99-U19; twelfth grade; Jackson, WY / Salt Lake City, UT
Alex Percy; 99-U19; twelfth grade; Melbourne, Australia / Park City, UT
Nicholas Fontaine; 98-U21; PG; Duluth, MN / Salt Lake City, UT

Todd Brickson: Director and Head U16 Coach
Sarah Getzelman: Team Manager
Dave Kerwynn: Head Men's U19-21 Coach
Jim Tschabrun: Head Women's U19-21 Coach, Head Conditioning Coach
Skip Puckett: U16 Coach, Conditioning Coach, Equipment Manager
Brian Morgan: Men's U19-21 Coach, Conditioning Coach, Head Academic Coordinator
Mary Joyce: Women's U19-21 Coach, Conditioning Coach, Academic Coordinator

Rowmark Spring 2017 Awards

Top-10 race results in championship events


Scottie Bocock: 5th, 4th, three 3rds, 1st
Nick Fontaine: 5th
Sommer Glasgow: 3rd
Katie Hensien: 5th, 4th, 2nd, four 1sts (13 FIS point results in the 30s or lower, five in the 20s and two in the teens)
Madi Hoffman: three 5ths, 3rd, two 2nds
Ellie Martin: 5th and 2nd
Liam Michael: two 4ths, 3rd, 2nd, 1st
Lucy Neill: 5th
Ned Neill: 3rd
Katie Vesterstein: three 3rds, 2nd, three 1sts
Hannah West: 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st
Sofia Yubero: 4th

Western Region Team 2017
Katie Hensien, Katie Vesterstein, Hannah West, and Sofia Yubero

Western Region Junior Championships 2017 in Schweitzer, ID
Scottie Bocock: 10th in Super-G, 3rd in GS, 1st in GS
Nick Fontaine: 5th in SL
Daniel Mulligan
Liam Michael: 4th and 9th in SL, 3rd in Super-G, 2nd and 4th in GS, 1st in the Overall
Ned Neill: 10th in SL
Alex Percy

NorAms 2017
Sommer Glasgow
Katie Hensien: 10th overall in SL, 1st U19 in that race
Katie Vesterstein: 3rd U18 in SL, scored her 1st NorAm points
Hannah West: 10th, 9th, 7th in DH

Canadian Nationals 2017
Hannah West: 5th in DH


Jimmy Bocock: four 1sts
Andrei Dan: 5th, 3rd, 2nd
Tommy Hoffman: 4th, 1st
Danika Mannelin: 4th, two 2nds
Zoe Michael: 5th
Anya Mulligan: 5th, two 3rds, 2nd
Greg Olszanskyj: three 5ths, 3rd
Elena Zipp: three 5ths, two 4ths, two 3rds, 2nd

U16 Regional Championships 2016 in Big Sky, MT
Jake Bleil
Andrei Dan
Ned Friedman: 2nd SkillsQuest
Carlos Getzelman: won Hard Charger Award from the 70th start position to 17th place in GS
Eliza Hodgkins
Tommy Hoffman: 6th SkillsQuest
Carter Louchheim: won Hard Charger Award from the 80th start position to 10th in Super-G
Danika Mannelin: 4th in SL, 3rd SkillsQuest
Zoe Michael
Anya Mulligan: 7th in GS
Ellie Nichols
Greg Olszanskyj: 5th in Super-G, 5th in GS and 3rd in SkillsQuest
Elena Zipp: 10th in SL, 6th in GS

U14-16 Tri-Divisional Championships 2016 at Snowbird, UT
Jimmy Bocock: four 1sts including the Overall

U16 National Championships 2016 in Sugarloaf, ME
Carter Louchheim
Danika Mannelin
Greg Olszanskyj
Elena Zipp: 3rd in SkillsQuest

Whistler Cup Team 2016 in Whistler, Canada
Tommy Hoffman and Zoe Michael

Rowmark Annual Awards 2017

  • Conditioning Award: Nick Fontaine, Katie Hensien, and Greg Olszanskyj
  • Most Improved: Greg Olszanskyj and Liam Michael
  • Northrop Award (for achievement in speed skiing and academics): Ellie Martin
  • Hank Shipman Perseverance Award: Jimmy Bocock
  • Sportsmanship: Madi Hoffman
  • Olle Larsson Skier of the Year Award (for achievement in ski racing, character, and work ethic): Katie Hensien
  • Senior Award (for outstanding leadership, character, and academic and ski racing achievement): Nick Fontaine

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