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Year-Round Training Prepares Rowmarkers for the Race Season
Posted 11/16/2017 07:31PM
By Todd Brickson, Rowmark Program Director

Ski racing is a sport with no downtime. Our team, consisting of many of the best junior ski racers and student-athletes nationwide, participates in a rigorous year-round training program that keeps our athletes in optimal physical and mental condition as they prepare for race season to begin in December. Non-ski racers are often surprised to learn of the available options to ski during the summer and fall months in various locations worldwide. In June, we kicked off our on-snow camps at Mammoth Mountain, California. In late July, we traveled to the Southern Hemisphere where our U19s attended a successful camp in New Zealand while our U16s traveled to Mt. Hood, Oregon for an on-snow camp before the start of school. Rowmark wrapped up November with an on-snow ski camp in Mammoth, California, and we are looking forward to snow full-time at Park City and Snowbird from December to April. The Rowmarkers worked hard at all of the camps, and our coaches saw solid technical and tactical improvements and strong team bonding across our roster.

One of the many special attributes of Rowmark is the way the athletes work together and support one another through all aspects of their Rowmark experience. The team takes advantage of the opportunity to work together, support one another, and cement their personal and team goals at the annual Rowmark Orientation Trip in September where they spend two days and one night rafting and paddle boarding on the Green River. This trip brings our athletes together in an unfamiliar and dynamic environment where individuals can get to know each other in new ways and challenge themselves physically and socially. The event helped identify our team captains for the year, as elected by their peers. This year's captains are Scottie Bocock, Camryn Glick, Daniel Mulligan, and Lucy Neill.

A commitment to year-round physical conditioning is a critical component to optimal performance on snow. Head conditioning coach Jim Tschabrun directs a dynamic physical training program that includes facets such as strength/power, cardiovascular, plyometrics, quickness and coordination, flexibility, and cross-training/games. This fall, three Rowmarkers broke or tied physical testing records: Mary Bocock broke TWO records; the 20M Shuttle run record with a level of 12.4 and broke the Liberty Park 1.5 mile run record with a time of 9:41. Nick Fontaine broke the 20M Shuttle run record with a level of 14.3, and Liam Michael broke the 5x1 Leg jump (right) with a jump of 49'5". Congratulations!

In addition to daily physical conditioning, the team trains with a mental performance coach from October through the winter season. The mental performance coach works with the athletes on psychological toughness, control, focus and concentration, imagery, self-talk, and pre-performance routines. An athlete's mental toughness is as important as their physical strength and can significantly enhance their performance.

As the winter competition season approaches, Rowmarkers are looking forward to putting their summer and fall conditioning to the test. Their days will soon be filled beginning to end. Morning academic classes are followed by afternoon ski training, video review, ski tuning, and evenings of homework. Their race schedule takes them all over the country and for some, to Canada and Europe. The extensive travel causes Rowmarkers to miss several weeks of school throughout the winter, testing their organizational, communication, and time-management skills. The athletes know they must make the grade academically before they can make the starting gate at a ski race. Success hinges on the support of the Rowland Hall faculty, and their extra efforts of frequent communication, consultation sessions, and exam preparation allow the Rowmarkers to not only survive the academic load, but often to excel. A big thank you goes out to these teachers for their commitment to making this happen.

Our program focuses on developing young athletes to their fullest potential. This process takes place on the race course, in the classroom, and all points in between. Working together as a team, building character, embracing struggle, and committing to personal and academic excellence is what sets our program apart. We are looking forward to the challenges and successes of the approaching season.

2017-18 Rowmark Ski Academy Athletes and Staff

Female Athletes (Name, YOB, Grade, Hometown)

Mary Bocock, 03-U16, 8, Salt Lake City, UT

Dagny Brickson, 03-U16, 9, Park City, UT

Lindley Friedman, 03-U16,9, Fayston, VT

Charlotte Altman, 02-U16, 9, New York City, NY

Mary Clancy, 02-U16, 9 Jackson, WY

Danika Mannelin, 02-U16, 10, Portland, OR

Ellie Nichols, 02-U16, 10, Park City, UT

Zoe Michael, 02-U16, 10, Sydney, Australia

Eliza Hodgkins, 01-U19, 10, Boston, MA

Anya Biskupiak, 01-U19, 11, Park City, UT

Anya Mulligan, 01-U19, 11, Jackson, WY

Elena Zipp, 01-U19, 11, New York City, NY

Madison Hoffman, 00-U19, 12, Sydney, Australia

Camryn Glick, 00-U19, 12, Glen Wild, NY

Lucy Neill, 00-U19, 12, Sydney, Australia

Addison Beasley, 00-U19, 12, Bend, OR

Katie Hensien, 99-U19, 12, Seattle, WA (US Ski Team)

Katie Vesterstein 99-U19, PG, Duluth, MN

Male Athletes
(Name, YOB, Grade, Hometown)

Alex Deubel, 03-U16, 8, Hartland, WI

Gus Percy, 03-U16, 8, Melbourne, Australia

Nick Orfanakis, 03-U16, 9, Salt Lake City, UT

Tommy Hoffman, 02-U16, 9, Sydney, Australia

Carter Louchheim, 02-U16, 10, Park City, UT

Jimmy Bocock, 02-U16, 10, Salt Lake City, UT

Andrei Dan, 01-U19, 10, Salt Lake City, UT

Ned Friedman, 01-U19, 11, Fayston, VT

Greg Olszanskyj, 01-U16, 11, Salt Lake City, UT

Jake Bleil, 01-U19, 11, Park City, UT

Scottie Bocock, 00-U19, 12, Salt Lake City, UT

Liam Michael, 99-U19, 12, Sydney, Australia

Daniel Mulligan, 99-U19, 12, Jackson, WY

Alex Percy, 99-U19, 12, Melbourne, Australia

Nick Fontaine, 98-U19, PG, Duluth, MN


Todd Brickson- Director and Head U16 Coach

Sarah Getzelman- Team Manager

Dave Kerwynn- Head Men's U19-21 Coach

Jim Tschabrun- Head Women's U19-21 Coach, Head Conditioning Coach

Skip Puckett- U16 Coach, Equipment Manager, Conditioning Coach

Brian Morgan- Men's U19-21 Coach, Conditioning Coach, Head Academic Coordinator

Mary Joyce- Women's U19-21 Coach, Conditioning Coach, Academic Coordinator

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