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Geoff Swindle ’94

“I was not the easiest child to raise. I had a lot of energy and liked to do things on my own terms. My parents still joke that at age three I told my mom, ‘I am the boss of my own person!’ That strong will and independence, although difficult to appreciate when I was young, drove my entrepreneurial spirit and fueled my passion to create and build my own business. I came to Rowland Hall my sophomore year. Coming from the public school system, it was a welcome change. For the first time in my educational experience, I was encouraged to think outside the box and was given numerous tools to explore my creative thinking.

"Rowland Hall encouraged to think outside the box and was given numerous tools to explore my creative thinking."

One of the unique attributes of Rowland Hall is that it not only provides, but also encourages, students to pursue a variety of interests to help shape them for the future. Whether it is debate, fine arts, science, or athletics, Rowland Hall provides a safe environment for kids to explore and learn. The small class sizes, relationships with teachers, and supportive culture give students the confidence to take risks and develop life skills. My experience at Rowland Hall allowed me to embrace my independent spirit and become an entrepreneur. Rowland Hall exemplifies the true meaning of a well-rounded education.”

  • University of Utah, bachelor’s degree, 1999
  • Career Highlights: Diabetic Connect (one of our communities), largest digital diabetes platform with 1.7 million unique visitors per month and over 800,000 registered members
  • Successfully raised over $20 million in venture capital
  • Built the Mayo Clinic’s social networking platform
  • Founder and president of Alliance Health Networks, Inc., a digital health company that owns and operates a portfolio of condition-specific online communities
  • Medify (Alliance Health property) Accelerator Finalist at 2012 SXSW, Health Technologies
  • Medify (Alliance Health property) 2012 Webby Winner for Health
Geoff and wife Adria Swindle ’95 have three children enrolled at Rowland Hall.

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