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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in the Lower School

We ask our young students to think and act like scientists. Our lower schoolers apply their knowledge and skills to identify and address real-world problems, incorporating components of technology, engineering, sustainability, and design. They learn question formation, observation, experimentation, measurement, analysis, inference and deduction, critical thought, and communication skills. The entire Lower School participates in the Week of Code, which teaches children the basics of computer science. Second graders enjoy our annual Health Fair—parents and community members who work in health care use hands-on activities to give students a glimpse into their professions. Third graders build Rube Goldberg machines; fourth graders venture out on a dozen field studies to examine Utah’s environment; and fifth graders complete an individual project and present it to teachers and peers in our beloved Science Share.

The Lower School promotes a deep understanding of math skills and concepts. The goal of our math program is authentic, problem-based inquiry that enables students to expand their knowledge and apply it in context. We teach students to:

  1. make sense of problems and persevere in solving them;
  2. reason abstractly and quantitatively;
  3. construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others;
  4. model with mathematics;
  5. use appropriate tools strategically;
  6. attend to precision;
  7. look for and make use of structure; and
  8. look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.

Appropriate technology is integrated into the curriculum to enhance the STEM learning experience for lower schoolers. For example, educational iPad apps are used to promote STEM skills through engaging, challenging activities.

Lower School STEM news in Fine Print, the magazine of Rowland Hall:

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